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VotingRightsAreCivilRights© is an initiative to combat voter suppression in the 2020 election. Every national election millions of votes are not counted due to technicalities in registration, filling out ballots or vote counting mistakes.

Laws in many states have been put in place mostly to make voting harder for African American’s. They also are intended to disenfranchise Latinos and 18-25 year old citizens.

Our Mission

  1. Recruit a new generation of poll workers, ages 16-25, to work-not volunteer at the polls and stop a major suppression tactic. The closing of polling locations in minority counties.
  2. Educate voters on everything you are not told so your votes count

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If you are signing up as a poll worker, we will be having additional trainings to help augment your state and/or County training. Sign up and we will email you when they are scheduled. 

If you have questions or are running into trouble registering to vote or finding needed information please contact us at info@votingrightsarecivilrights.com We will get back to you as quickly as possible.